Gabriele Tatzberger

Director Startup Services, Vienna Business Agency

Gabriele Tatzberger started at the Vienna Business Agency in 2008 and is now the Director of Startup Services at the Vienna Business Agency, which offers funding, infrastructure, networking and advice for Viennese and international founders and startups. Next to her responsibilities at the Vienna Business Agency, she is also a member of the supervisory board of INITS, one of the “Global Top 25” university high-tech incubators. Since 2010 she is also the Executive Director of Vienna Region Ltd., which deals with regional development, real estates and international location marketing for the region. Gabriele Tatzberger graduated from the University of Technology in Vienna and accomplished her PhD at the University of Delft in the Netherlands. She has a long-term experience in and is passionate about supporting founders, startups, the Vienna startup scene and international networks.