Ingrid Thurnher

Director of Radio, ORF

Ingrid Thurnher, recently appointed as Director of Radio at ORF, is one of Austria's most awarded journalists and now responsible for the three nationwide ORF radio channels, the RadioKulturhaus and ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien. She is what you may call a "news junkie" and is particularly interested in bringing news and media to younger audiences in the digital age. Ingrid Thurnher was the anchorwoman of the renowned news program "Zeit im Bild 2", and hosted various TV shows in the past like "Sommergespräche", "Zeit im Bild", "Im Zentrum" and many more. Prior to her current role as Director of Radio, Ingrid Thurnher served as Editor in Chief at ORF III and expanded the news coverage at the culture and news channel in the ORF network. Ingrid Thurnher is known for her trustworthiness and is one of the most reliable faces in Austria's news industry. She has been awarded with the "Romy" as "most popular TV host" 7 times.