Jochen Maas

Managing Director R&D, Sanofi

Prof. Dr. Jochen Maas has been Managing Director Research & Development at Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH since October 2010. He also heads the German R&D Hub, one of three integrated research and development centers worldwide, and is a member of the global management team. In addition to his work in industry, Jochen Maas holds lectures on pharmacokinetics and drug delivery systems as a professor at the Technical University of Central Hesse.

Jochen Maas is a biologist and veterinarian. He began his industrial career in research in the pharmaceutical division of Hoechst AG in Frankfurt as head of the animal pharmacokinetics laboratory. After his function as a group leader and assistant to the executive board, he became head of the Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics department in Frankfurt, followed by similar areas of responsibility for the successor company Aventis in Paris and throughout Europe. At the same time, he was responsible for the entire development department in Germany before finally taking on responsibility for both research and development in Germany as managing director.