Marco Kamiya

Chief, Division of Digital Transformation and AI Strategies, UNIDO

Marco Kamiya is Chief of the Division of Innovation Strategies and Digitalization at UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization). The Division works on frontier technologies, innovation ecosystems and the digital economy applied to industrial sectors at a territorial level. Smart and Intermediary Cities are an important focus of work.

Marco Kamiya was the Coordinator of the Urban Economy and Finance Branch at UN-HABITAT. He was senior officer at CAF Development Bank for Latin America in Caracas, the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC, and senior economist of PADECO Co., Ltd., a development consulting firm in Tokyo.

He has worked in more than 30 cities and countries, and has extensively published academic papers, policy reports and position articles. His recent publications include “The Shenzhen Story: Innovation Policies in Practice (UN-Habitat, 2019), “Economic Foundations for Sustainable Urbanization” (with Serge Salat (2018), UN-Habitat and Morphologie Institute Paris), “Finance for City Leaders handbook (2018, with Le Yin Zhang, UN-Habitat and University College London), the “Global Urban Competitiveness Report” (annual since 2016) with Prof. Ni Pengfei.