Martina Ernst

CEO & Founder, SalaryNegotiations

Experienced HR manager, consultant, coach, trainer & networker focusing on salary negotiations, equal pay, new pay, careers and feMale leadership

Martina’s corporate mission:

Earn your worth and get the salary and career you deserve. You are worth it!

Earn your worth and provide the salary and career your employees deserve. They are worth it!

Martina has 25+ years of experience in international senior management (Board -1) in the financial and language services industry:

Her positions as Head of HR of Erste Bank Österreich and Managing Director of Berlitz Southeast & Central Europe and President of the Supervisory Board at Berlitz Germany laid the foundation of her businesses in consulting/coaching/training corporates and individuals on their way to equal and transparent pay structures respectively to higher salaries and careers.



Close cooperation with WU Executive Academy (the business school of Vienna University of Economics): President of Female Leaders Network (1500 alumnae), vice president of the International Advisory Board (4500 alumni), lecturer of a masters’ program as well as member of the Board of Learners;