Mette Lykke

CEO of Too Good To Go

Mette is CEO of Too Good To Go, a global social impact company addressing the challenge of food waste which accounts for 10% of all CO2e emissions, and is the most impactful action we can take to fight climate change, according to Project Drawdown.

Too Good To Go provides solutions to people, businesses, in education, and in collaboration with local government, and is best known for its app, which is now the world’s largest marketplace for surplus food.

The app is available in 14 European countries, New York and Boston, with expansion across the US and Canada scheduled for 2021. It has more than 31 million users who have collectively saved more than 59 million meals.

A founder in her own right, Mette co-founded fitness and training community Endomondo in 2007, selling to Under Armour in 2015, and staying on as VP Connected Fitness for two years. In 2017 she joined Too Good To Go, jumping back into an entrepreneurial environment to lead her second purpose-led tech company.

Mette grew up in the rural west of Denmark and is driven by purpose-led ventures. She regularly speaks about what she and the company have learned since embarking on this journey, and why we need to rethink the purpose that companies play in tackling the world’s social challenges.