Nadine Nobile

Co-Founder, CO:X

Nadine Nobile's guiding principle is to "recognise potential and enable development". The founder of CO:X and self-confessed New Work enthusiast accompanies organisations in change. The development of existing potentials, talents and experiences plays a decisive role for her. Her heart beats above all for the topics of compensation leadership and participative organisational development.

Nadine Nobile studied business education at the University of Konstanz with a focus on marketing and corporate management. From 2010 to 2017, she worked for a nationwide foundation in Germany. There she was committed to innovative and strength-oriented educational approaches. As a manager there, she experienced on a daily basis what it takes for people to develop their potential and drive innovation.

The co-author of New Pay has been working intensively on new ways of remuneration since 2017 and is a pioneer for a holistic remuneration model. As a process facilitator, she supports companies in designing remuneration systems in a participatory way and from the midst of the organisation.

Nadine Nobile is a companion of the project "AUGENHÖHE - Film und Dialog" and initiator of the network "New Work Women". The promotion of a future-oriented culture of work is a matter close to her heart.