Nic Marks

Creator, Happy Planet Index

Nic Marks - Happiness Expert, Statistician and CEO of Friday Pulse™ • Founder of Centre of Wellbeing, NEF (2001-2012) – As a result of Nic’s work, the UK was the first nation to create an official national measure of wellbeing. • Founder and CEO of Friday Pulse™ - The organisation which uses a Happiness KPI™ to help teams, organisations and nations build a better future. • Science of wellbeing specialist – Nic combines psychology and economic statistics to measure happiness at a systemic level. • Statistician and trained therapist – Both an experienced statistician and a trained therapist, Nic combines two areas of his career to track workplace wellbeing. • TED speaker – Nic presented his Happy Planet Index (HPI) at TED in 2010, a metric which shows good lives don’t have to cost the earth.

Introducing Nic Marks, statistician, author, TED speaker, and founder and CEO of Friday Pulse™. Nic specialises in using the science of wellbeing to help businesses track workplace happiness. His research has proven how much of a hit workplace wellbeing has taken in the last two years, and Nic is now working to help companies rebuild employee happiness and productivity.